Peter Van Riper: cv

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    Techno, An Exhibition of Modern Art, Gallery Eugenia Cucalon, New York. 

    Laser Circle Ascends, installation, Space Festival, Otranto, Lecce/Bari, Italy.

    In the Heart of Things, music for installation by Eugènia Balcells, Tinglado, Tarragona, Spain.

    CD Rom: 50 Sounds Running.

    CD Rom: Jerry Pethick: Marking Time.

    Laser Circle Ascends, installation for “Space Festival ‘98” Otranto Castle, Otranto, Lecce/Bari, Italy.

    Performance & workshops, Space Festival, Otranto, Lecce/Bari, Italy.

    The Fanelli Show, OK Harris Gallery, New York.

    Performance, Attention – Anguish – Awareness, Gallery 128, New York.


    CD release: Healing Music, Music for Spaces.

    Music for installation Veure La Llum by Eugènia Balcells, MACBA, Barcelona, Spain.

    Solo performance, Musica en arcos de laser – la musica quiere ser luz, Loring Art, Barcelona, Spain.

    Solo performance, Mystery Waves, Mestizo, Murcia, Spain.

    Ear as Eye, Drawings by Sound Artists, LACE, Los Angeles, CA.


    CD CONNECTION: Acoustic Cups on anthology compact disk with Philip Glass,

    Steve Reich, Meredith Monk, Joan La Barbara et al of 10.

    Solo performance, Angelic Waves, MACBA, Barcelona, Spain.

    The Nature of Light, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, New York, New York.

     Solo performance, Bar96, Tartessos, Barcelona, Spain.


    CD release: Windows To The Sky.

    Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain: two evenings of acoustic live performance: music scores of Eugènia Balcells.

    “Limits” music & technical design for Balcells video/music installation Traspassar Limits: 3 cities in Spain: Mataro, Reus, and Lleida.

    Sons I Sons, performance metal music in De Viva Veu; Barcelona, Spain.

    Anthology Film Archive, New York City:  Six Thursdays video/music pieces (Indian Circle & Color Fields) collaboration with Balcells.


    CD release: Acoustic Metal Music & Direct Contact.

    CD anthology:Aerial IV, 1991-94, Nonsequitur Foundation, New Mexico.

    Photographs: micro/macro, Nonsequitur Music Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, exhibition of photos & video art.

    Wire Sounds, original music score for the piano of Margaret Leng Tan

    Continuity -very small to very large, NYTV broadcast video art & VHS cassette piece.


    Performance, Otras Musicas, Teatro Pradillo, Madrid, Spain.

    Direct Contact, performance with laser slides, new music, Outpost, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Direct Contact, performance with laser slides, new music, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York.

    Dibujo de Luz, Light drawings, Tartessos, Barcelona, Spain.

    Seeing/Hearing,performance, New York Open Center, New York.

    50 Sounds Running, performance, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York.


    Fluxus 1982-92, Emily Harvey Gallery, NYC; Judson Church; & Anthology Film Archives, New York.

    Seeing/Hearing, exhibition & performance, Tartessos, Barcelona, Spain.

    Mask/Movement & Seeing/Hearing performance & workshops, New Brunswick, Canada.

    Safe Place, three-person exhibition, Robin Rice Gallery, New York.

    Seeing/Hearing, lecture presentation & student meetings, Hofstra University, Long Island, NY.


    Heart, acoustic metal music published on CD & cassette by The Aerial, Albuquerque, NM.

    Performances with Simone Forti, Warren Street Performance Loft, New York.

    Digital sound production & research for Taunton Press Video Magazine & multimedia prototype, CT.


    Laser Light Pictures, special event & solo exhibition, New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY.

    Fluxus & Co.” Street Music” collage, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York.

    Collaborative installation of laser light images with sculptures by Dina Helal, 10 on 8 (Ten Windows on 8th Avenue), New York.

    Repris, music for Balcells film/multi media installation, Generaltat City Space, Barcelona, Spain.

    Venice Biennial: Fluxus group exhibition, Venice, Italy.


    Light Wave Paintings.


    Laser Light Photographs, solo exhibition, 6’ x 8’ triptych screens and sound sculpture, Penine Hart Gallery, New York.

    Performance, Acoustic Metal Music with laser images and collaboration with Sha Sha Higby, Franklin Furnace, New York.

    Bob Watts Fluxus Funeral Event, performance, pictures.


    Music performance with Simone Forti & Pooh Kaye, Kraine Gallery, New York.

    Performances—Maritime Tour, Acoustic Metal Music with laser images, Canada.

    Artists in December, group exhibition, One Twenty Eight Gallery, New York.

    Music for Exposure Time, installation by Balcells, Caixa, Barcelona, Spain.

    WNYC TV, screening of Flight video, collaboration with Balcells.

    Music performance with laser images, Penine Hart Gallery, New York.

    Poetry/Music festival, Ten Worlds Gallery, New York.

    Laser Light Photographs, 3-person exhibition, One Twenty Eight Gallery, New York.

    CBS TV, baseball bat music feature.

    From the Center, installation by Balcells, El Museo del Barrio, New York.

    Music for Waves, installation by Balcells, Alternative Museum, New York.

    Music for Seeing the Dance, video installation by Balcells.


    Music for Seven Days in Space, 90’ video, NASA space exploration.

    Music performance with laser images, Alternative Museum, New York.

    Acoustic Metal Music with laser images, Roulette, New York.

    Installation & performance, laser images, Art In General, New York.


    Cassette release: I AM I AM I AM I AM I

    Whomp Whip Music, performance, Apollohuis, Eindhoven, Holland.

    Whomp Whip Music, performance, Metronome, Barcelona, Spain.

    Views, 480 laser serigraph series, exhibition, PS1, Institute for Art & Urban Resources, Long Island City, NY.

    Music for TV Weave, video installation by Balcells, Palau Robert, Barcelona, Spain.

    Performance & master class, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia.


    Spirit Icon, Installation of laser light silhouettes: 50 images of underwater plants & ferns covering the walls in an unbroken line, BACA Downtown, Brooklyn, NY.

    Portrait Triptychs-Laser Light Silhouettes, solo exhibition, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York. Portrait Triptychs:  Laser Light Silhouettes book published in conjunction with exhibition.

    Ascending Waves, new music performance with 30-member ensemble, Art on the Beach, Creative Time, New York.

    Health to Listening, music performance, Ear Inn, New York.

    Sound and Light, performance with Eugènia Balcells, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York. 

    Video & live music with Balcells, AIR Gallery, New York.

    TV Weave, video installation with Balcells, PS1, Institute for Art & Urban Resources, Queens, NY.


    Cassette release: Paper Piece

    For/Against, music for film by Balcells, New York.

    Fluxconcert, performance of Paper Piece and group works, 22 Wooster Gallery, New York.

    Whomp Whip 1 & 2, two music pieces for Balcells video Color Fields, Festival National de Video, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.

    Portrait Triptychs-Laser Light Silhouettes, exhibition and performance, Grommet Gallery, New York.

    Whomp Whip Music, performance benefit for Pa Performance Art Program, Symphony Space, New York.

    Audio Eyes, exhibition/broadcast, record cover graphics & sound-text piece with Georg deCristal, Artspace, Australia.

    Indian Circle video/performance collaboration with Balcells shown in New Music America ’84, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.


    From the Center, music for Balcells 12-channel video installation, San Sebastian, Spain, Virginia, New York.


    Circles of Time, music for Balcells video installation, Joan Miro Foundation, Barcelona, Spain.

    Indian Circle video/performance collaboration with Balcells shown in Festival D’Art Actual, Barcelona, Spain.


    On Blank Pages, book published in conjunction with Young Fluxus, group exhibition & performances, Artists Space, New York, & WPA, Washington, D.C.

    New Correlations, collaboration with Balcells, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

    Paper Piece, sound and text, acoustic sound performance with Jackson Mac Low & Zev, Public Theater, New York.

    Performance of video scores for Balcells videos Indian Circle & Flight, Institut D’Estudis Nord-Americans & Metronom, Barcelona, Spain.

    New music performance, ICC International Culturel, Antwerp, Belgium.

    On Blank Pages, book signing, Galerie A, Amsterdam, Holland.

    Nature & Spirit, performance, Sound & Awareness, workshops, University of Madrid, Spain.

    Crossovers, music-related etchings in group exhibition, Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York.

    Bright & Clear, solo exhibition of laser photographs, holograms & graphics, & a performance, Museum of Holography, New York.

    Indian Circle video/performance collaboration with Balcells wins “Grand Prix” in first International Video Festival, Montbeliard, France. Indian Circle shown in Rome, Italy, Johnson Museum of Art, NY, Global Village, New York.

    Young Fluxus, group exhibition & performances, Artists Space, New York, & WPA, Washington, D.C.

    Pocahontas, solo tour, Cirque Divers, Liege, Belgium, The Living Art Museum, Rekyavik, Iceland.


    Indian Circle, video/performance collaboration with Eugènia Balcells & solo exhibition of holograms and graphics, American Indian Gallery, New York.

    Artist in residence (Two etching editions), performance & workshops, Art Series Program, Kutztown, PA.

    Sound performance with video by Balcells, Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

    Live performance of music for Jackdaw Songs, a dance-theater piece by Simone Forti, The Performing Garage, New York.


    Room Space, album release, VRBLU Records.

    New Music for Saxophones & Sound and Text performance, Gallery D, Stuttgart, & Dany Keller Gallery, Munich, Germany.

    Solo performance tour, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara, & Pellegrino Gallery, Bologna, Italy.

    Music and dance with Simone Forti, CCAP, Bordeaux, France. Video later exhibited at Venice Biennial, Italy.

    Clear Cut, performance with Forti in summer festival, Aix en Provence, France.

    Wood Fish, music for dance by Forti, Whitechapel Gallery, London, England.

    Jackdaw Songs, the bird sings all his songs one after the other, music for dance performance by Forti, WPA, Washington, D.C.

    New Music for Saxophones, solo performance at LAICA, Los Angeles, CA.

    New Music for Saxophones & Sound & Text, solo performance, The Alternative Museum, New York.

    New music workshop, 2 weeks, Creative Music Studios, Woodstock, NY.

    Performances & workshops, 2 weeks, ARCH, Bari & Locorotondo, Italy.

    New music sound art solo performance, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York.

    Chinese Shadows, solo performance in French festival, Grommet Theater, New York.

    Solo sound performance on punk evening, A’s, New York.

    Music for film by Joseph Bogdanovich, Hollywood, CA.

    Sound art exhibition, Site, San Francisco, CA. 

    Artist residency, La Saint Baume, Provence, France.


    Sound to Movement, album release, VRBLU Records.

    European performance tour with Simone Forti, including CCAP., Bordeaux, France, Whitechapel Gallery, London, England.

    Home Base, four evenings of music and performance with dancer Simone Forti, The Kitchen, New York.

    Sound and text pieces, solo performance, The Ear Inn, New York.

    Solo performance, London Music Collective, England.


    Projects performance with Simone Forti, Museum of Modern Art, New York.

    Dream Music exhibition of serigraphs, Lucio Amelio Gallery, Napoli, Italy.

    Health to Listening, performance, Ear Inn, New York.


    This, three-channel video installation and performance, The Kitchen, New York.


    Performance tour with Simone Forti: Tokyo, Japan, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Canada, Artists Space, New York.


    IT, performance, The Kitchen, New York.

    The Simple Existence of Any One Thing, video, Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY.


    IT:  Readings for Performance, self-published book.

    Chance, Change, Itness, performance tour, USIS American Centers, six cities in Japan.


    Artist in Residence, Japan Electron Optics Laboratory.


    Art faculty, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).


    John, Yoko, & Fluxus & Fluxus Mass, New York & New Jersey.


    President, Editions Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan.


    Sound, Light, & Air, laser light installation, Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI. 



    M.F.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


    M.A., Todai, Tokyo University, Japan.


    Graduate Language School, Kokusai Gakuyu Kai (International Students Institute), Tokyo University, Japan.


    B.A. Far Eastern History, B.A. Art History

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.