Peter Van Riper: Laser Sound Scans 1 & 2

  1. Laser Sound Scans 1 & 2

    Laser Sound Scan 1, digital print, 1998

    Laser Sound Scan 2, digital print, 1998

    These pictures are about mystery and the feeling of light. If you look at the rising laser circles, you see a recording of my sound, driving laser light and resulting in selected images as captured from a rear projection screen by a digital camera. The situation is stochastic. A sequence of events is said to be stochastic if it combines a random component with a selective process so that only certain of the random outcomes are allowed to endure. It’s fantastic, it’s like being lost in the mountains or something, there are so many light waves. They are not images that I thought up and made drawings of, they’re really the recordings of the light, the way the light behaves. This experience is research about something mysterious in nature.

    Peter Van Riper